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✅ In 2014, during the first observations of the Arc of Light at the Pantheon, we discovered another illumination that we would never have imagined.

✅ In fact, a Square of Light appears in front of the portal, because the architrave and the jambs of the portal 'cut' and rectify the contours of the circle of light created by the oculus, making it a square.

✅ The Square of Light perfectly matches the pattern of the floor: a circle of gray granite inscribed in a square. It is the symbolic representation of the world of the Etruscan Templum: the circle corresponds to Heaven, the square corresponds to the Earth, and is oriented towards the four cardinal points.

✅ Emperor Hadrian could stage a spectacular entrance into the Pantheon and was illuminated by a beam of light as if by a powerful theatre spotlight: the "Kiss of the Sun". By placing himself at the center of the Square of Light, he symbolically placed himself at the center of the world, being the most powerful man in the world.

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